In business and in life, we are faced with situations every day that require us to be brave and move forward.  Bravery seems to be a theme I am running into everywhere I turn.  It was the topic of a weekly newsletter from a great entrepreneur and friend, Chris Brogan (click HERE for a free subscription). It is also a theme of his newest online course Brave New Year, and woven through his new book The Impact Equation.  I saw Dr. Brene Brown speak recently in Boston, and my daughter gave me her book, Daring Greatly, for Christmas.  It is about courage, vulnerability and bravery, with some incredibly poignant passages on what courage means to those she has interviewed over the years. Another entrepreneur and friend, Wendy Capland, founder of Vision Quest Consulting, encourages women to make their "Next Bold Move" in her seminars.

Perhaps it's time to start listening to these experts and be brave.

How can you apply bravery to your job this year?  Propose a new product to your boss, set an aggressive revenue goal, accept a new job or start your own company...each of us can find ways to be courageous and brave in our work.  You can reach goals you never imagined and find success you had only dreamed of because you were brave enough to take a step towards that dream.  And what's the worse that can happen...failure?  Failure is simply a step towards success.   

Wishing you a very happy and brave 2013.

Debbie Millin is President of UpperLevel Solutions - a Boston-based firm offering part-time and interim Chief Operating Officer services, operational assessments and executive project leadership.



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