I am a proud graduate of Bentley University, and often attend events at their Waltham campus.  While on campus between meetings, I found a little spot to get some work done at the end of the hallway on the second floor of LaCava.  As I set myself up on the couch to catch up on my email, I watched well-dressed students streaming in and out of the Career Services offices. I was so captivated by what I heard and saw that my work took a back-seat and instead I just observed.

Bentley’s theme of ‘Prepared’ is not just a marketing tag line – it is a core value of the University. This became obvious as I watched students heading to their interviews with potential employers. Not only do Bentley students have the business skills and the exposure to the latest technology and tools, they are polished – well dressed, well spoken, and professional. Having first -hand experience with the Career Services team over the past 20 years, I am aware of the amazing programs they offer students and alumni on resume writing, interviewing, and anything else related to getting a job. Their approach of engaging students as freshmen to plan out their 4 years to prepare for their first job is one of the many reasons that Bentley’s Career Services has been named one of the best in the country.

In many cases during my impromptu observation session, I could not see the student and interviewer, I could only HEAR them – which made it even more impressive. Students were confident without being cocky, proactively engaged in conversation with their interviewer, and expressed their excitement for the interview with a polished professionalism that was better than some experienced professionals I have interviewed in my career. I felt a great sense of pride that these students are representing Bentley, and that they will enter the workforce just as that theme promised – prepared.

Debbie Millin is President of UpperLevel Solutions – a Boston-based firm
offering part-time and interim Chief Operating Officer services, operational assessments as a health check or as part of due diligence, and executive 
project leadership.




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