A New Start


There are natural times throughout the year that serve as a fresh start - the beginning of a new calendar year in January, the beginning of spring.  My favorite time of year is September.  Regardless of whether you are going back to school (or have kids going back to school), it can serve as a restart button.

This is the time that businesses should be thinking ahead to their goals for next year and planning their 2016 budgets. Take some time these last few weeks of summer to reflect on what it is you want to accomplish next year - that could be for the whole company if you are an executive, or for your department, or just for you.

I encourage you to think about a wide variety of goals - not just how can we be more profitable, have more growth, and the traditional corporate goals, but also things like how can we have more fun, and how can we engage our employees and customers more?

Enjoy your last weeks of summer, and get ready to come back to work in September with a renewed enthusiasm and a view towards the future.

Debbie Millin is President of UpperLevel Solutions – a Boston-based firm offering part-time and interim Chief Operating Officer services, operational assessments as a health check or as part of due diligence, and  executive leadership.



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